Your Junk. Our Expertise. Your Peace of Mind.

At Crackers’ Clearout we don’t believe in nasty surprises, so we let you know exactly how much it's going to cost before we start loading your rubbish and junk into our trucks.

We're happy to provide indicative pricing based on photos or descriptions and once we are onsite we'll confirm the price before we start working.

Our pricing is extremely competitive, and our full service rubbish removal service pricing is comparable to rubbish skips where you do all of the heavy lifting and work yourself.

Our pricing is based upon a full 6.5m3 load and may vary depending upon the type of rubbish removal required. For dense materials such a concrete and bricks a full load will be based upon weight rather than volume.

If you have less than a full load our pricing will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the volume of rubbish requiring removal.

Payment is due same day - upon completion of the job using cash, credit or debit cards or by bank transfer.

All of our prices are inclusive of GST.