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Junk Isn't A Dirty Word

We’ve all heard it… “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure”… and never has it been more true. We live in a disposable world, where even expensive electrical appliances seem to have “built-in obsolescence”… unlike their predecessors of generations gone by.

Regardless of whether they’re working or not, there are a number of ways to ensure your pre-loved items don’t just go to landfill.


The big charities are becoming pickier about what they’ll take, but as a general rule, good quality, full functioning items will be accepted. Unfortunately, some of the bigger charitable organisations won’t accept mattresses or electrical appliances, regardless of how clean or well-functioning they are, and things like fabric lounges need to be in pristine condition to be accepted.

Sometimes, regardless of quality, charities just can’t accept donations because they simply don’t have space available to store them prior to sale. This has become more prevalent during the COVID crisis.

A quick online search will provide you with charity contact details so you can get in touch, describe what you have to offer and, you may find, they can come and collect your donations. However, sometimes you will need to organise transportation yourself.

In addition to the big guys, such as Vinnies or the Salvos, there are many smaller charities that would love to receive your well cared for, pre-loved items. Keep an eye out for women’s shelters, youth charities and family support groups in your area.

Offer for free online

If you’re not really fussed about making money out of your pre-loved goods, Facebook marketplace or local community buy, swap and sell pages are a fabulous starting point to move on your unwanted items. You’ll be surprised how quickly your old outdoor setting, washing machine, dryer or fridge, will get snapped up.

Offering for free online provides a community service for people in need – and gives your items a second life. One thing to be aware of is that people are sometimes looking out for freebies so they can sell the items themselves… so you need to consider whether this bothers you or not prior to offering items up for free. It’s worth considering that if you don’t have the time to sell your items, does it really matter if someone else is going to make a few bucks off them? Chances are they need the cash more than you do!! If it bothers you that someone might on-sell the items you’ve given away, then this is probably not the platform for you.

Sell online

Once again, Facebook marketplace is an excellent platform to look at selling preloved items – but don’t forget Ebay, Gumtree and other specialist online auction platforms. The best thing about selling online is you have a fair amount of control over pricing, pick up/ delivery and who gets the item – but beware of time wasters and scammers. The downside with selling online is you need to take the time to take photos, list the item/s, respond to interested parties, organise pickups – and possibly deal with someone trying to undercut the agreed price upon arrival, or just not turning up at all. But if you’ve got the time and are willing to stand strong, this is a great way to move your old stuff on, whilst making some cash on the side!

Attend a community swap

In the war on waste, many local communities are now creating their own microeconomy. There are people who trawl piles of “junk” during council clean up, rescuing items that appear to still have life left in them. Others organise intermittent local area swap sessions, where people bring their own items. Each community runs these with their own rules – but you should be able to find out if you have one locally by checking Facebook or visiting your local community noticeboard.

Junk dealers, antique dealers and auction houses

If you think you might be sitting on a little treasure, junk dealers, antique dealers and auction houses are the place to go. A simple web search will bring up an array of businesses that specialise in selling old stuff. Depending upon how the business is set up and as a general rule:

· Junk dealers will take the item for free to on-sell – but you won’t receive any of the proceeds. This works well with items that may otherwise have gone to landfill – or if you have huge amounts to remove from a deceased estate or hoarder home.

· Antique dealers will purchase the items from you and on-sell at a profit. Ideal for getting rid of older items quickly and making a bit of cash. However, be aware than you might see the item listed at a hugely inflated price compared to the amount you received.

· Auction houses will take your consignment and pay you afterwards less a commission from the sale price.

Council clean up

Many councils offer council clean up options. Some schedule kerbside Council Clean Up dates across the year, whilst in other council areas you can call council to organise a personal pick up when you’ve got some items together. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to move things on – and your council rates cover the cost!

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to realise you have loads of items to get rid of when you’ve just missed the scheduled council clean up – and the next one’s six months, or more, away. It’s also important to be open to “scavengers” trawling through your junk pile looking for treasures. Once again, if you’re not happy with this, council clean up is probably not the option for you.

Call in the experts

So, you’ve just missed council clean up, your local charity is not currently accepting items, you don’t have the time or inclination to list items online or call in an auction house… what’s the alternative?

Crackers’ Clearout is Sydney’s premier rubbish and junk removal service. We’re committed to looking after our customers with care – providing them with relief and peace of mind. We’re proud rubbish professionals, who are reliable and get the job done. We understand you and care about your situation. We also aim to recycle, repurpose and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill – so we guarantee to always do the right thing when it comes to the disposal of your items.

So, whether you’re preparing your home for sale, clearing out the estate of a loved one, or just have “stuff” you need to get rid of, call Crackers’ Clearout and we’ll do all the heavy lifting and hard work for you. Call 1300 257 688 for a quote today.

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