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Where Does The Rubbish Go?

This is a question that we come across very frequently as people are becoming more and more environmentally and socially aware and concerned. 

Our goal at Crackers Clearout is to recycle and reuse as much rubbish and unwanted items as possible, to reduce the amount of waste entering landfill. 

Prior to starting a job, we work out what items can be reused and recycled. The length and breadth of items that can be reused in one form or another is astounding.

We have developed a network of salvage yards and community forums where we often are able to find new homes for the items that have been removed from a job. It is great to see people reuse and re-purpose these items and most importantly keep excess and unnecessary waste away from the landfills.

These days many items can be recycled and it is not just what you are used to putting  in your domestic recycling bin. Everything including metal, concrete, bricks and tiles, vegetation, untreated timbers, hardwoods, car tyres, paints and chemicals, car batteries, tv and computer e-waste, mattresses, cardboard and paper products can be recycled.

This is why we take special care when loading our trucks with mixed loads to ensure that they can be efficiently offloaded at the appropriate recycling points. Often this means going to a number of locations to unload the items that can be recycled. We ensure anything that can be recycled is removed from our trucks prior to tipping rubbish into landfill.

So, in answer to the question “where does the rubbish go?” it is in fact many places dependent upon what you have to be removed. Reusing and recycling are the first options with the remainder to landfill when there is no other alternative.

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